Enterprises have many stakeholders, and ‘creating value’ means different—and sometimes conflicting—things to each of them. Governance is about evaluating, directing and monitoring activities related to stakeholder needs and the management of the enterprise. Management plans, builds, runs and monitors activities in alignment with the direction set by the governance body to achieve the enterprise objectives.

The COBIT 5 Goals & RACI Planner consists of two integrated tools to help you improve governance and management of enterprise IT:

instructional video

Introduction to COBIT 5 Goals & RACI Planner

Goals Planner

The COBIT 5 Goals Planner helps you translate stakeholder needs into specific, actionable and customized enterprise goals, IT-related goals and enabler goals. This translation allows setting specific goals at every level and in every area of the enterprise in support of the overall goals and stakeholder requirements.

RACI Planner

The COBIT 5 RACI Planner helps you customize RACI charts that link process activities to organizational structures and/or individual roles in the enterprise. They describe the nature of involvement of each role for each process practice: responsible, accountable, consulted or informed.

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