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The table below shows the complete set of 37 governance and management processes within COBIT 5
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EDM - Evaluate, Direct and Monitor
EDM01 Ensure Governance Framework Setting and Maintenance
EDM02 Ensure Benefits Delivery
EDM03 Ensure Risk Optimisation
EDM04 Ensure Resource Optimisation
EDM05 Ensure Stakeholder Transparency
APO - Align, Plan and Organise
APO01 Manage the IT Management Framework
APO02 Manage Strategy
APO03 Manage Enterprise Architecture
APO04 Manage Innovation
APO05 Manage Portfolio
APO06 Manage Budget and Costs
APO07 Manage Human Resources
APO08 Manage Relationships
APO09 Manage Service Agreements
APO10 Manage Suppliers
APO11 Manage Quality
APO12 Manage Risk
APO13 Manage Security
BAI - Build, Acquire and Implement
BAI01 Manage Programmes and Projects
BAI02 Manage Requirements Definition
BAI03 Manage Solutions Identification and Build
BAI04 Manage Availability and Capacity
BAI05 Manage Organisational Change Enablement
BAI06 Manage Changes
BAI07 Manage Change Acceptance and Transitioning
BAI08 Manage Knowledge
BAI09 Manage Assets
BAI10 Manage Configuration
DSS - Deliver, Service and Support
DSS01 Manage Operations
DSS02 Manage Service Requests and Incidents
DSS03 Manage Problems
DSS04 Manage Continuity
DSS05 Manage Security Services
DSS06 Manage Business Process Controls
MEA - Monitor, Evaluate and Assess
MEA01 Monitor, Evaluate and Assess Performance and Conformance
MEA02 Monitor, Evaluate and Assess the System of Internal Control
MEA03 Monitor, Evaluate and Assess Compliance with External Requirements