Framework Publications

COBIT 5: A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT

The overarching framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. This volume documents the 5 principles of COBIT 5 and defines the 7 supporting enablers.

COBIT 5 Implementation

A good practice approach for implementing GEIT based on a continual improvement life cycle that should be tailored to suit the enterprise’s specific needs.

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Enabling Guides

COBIT 5 Enabling Processes

A reference guide to the processes defined in the COBIT 5 process reference model and includes an explanation of the COBIT 5 goals cascade and the process reference model. This includes access to EXPORT COMPONENTS tool.

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COBIT 5 Enabling Information

A detailed reference guide for the Information enabler for the governance and management of enterprise IT (GEIT). This guide further explains the Information Model (based on the COBIT 5 generic enabler model) and provides examples of fully elaborated information entities.

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Explore license options for enterprise access to COBIT 5 online publications, premium content and tools. Bulk discounts are available.

Professional Guides

COBIT 5 for Assurance

Detailed and practical guidance for assurance professionals and other interested parties at all levels of the enterprise on how to use COBIT 5 to support a variety of IT assurance activities.

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COBIT 5 for Information Security

Guidance to help IT and IS professionals utilize, implement and direct important information security-related activities, while maintaining awareness about emerging technologies and threats.

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COBIT 5 for Risk

The information risk specific guide helps drive better business performance by linking information and technology risk to the achievement of strategic enterprise objectives.

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